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  • Tirta Empul Bali

Holy water or Tirta has three main functions in Bali: cleansing, creating and protecting. There are many different types of tirta, each with its own specific function.
Taman Air Spa Bali is a place of healing with holistict spa treatment using water combine the herbal to realization of mind, body & soul.
Since childhood, the therapist at Taman Air Spa, have been skilfully practicing the art of making the canang (the Balinese offerings). This skill helps them maintain certain comforting and healing power.


  • Therapist

Every therapist at our spa is experienced and has undergone 600 hours of training. They will address every need to restore your liveliness. Our therapist live in a surrounding which is full of spirituality. In everyday life they use their hands to pray, and at TAMAN AIR SPA they pull together and then send back positive energy resonance obtained from the nature. It is through their magical hands, we help you regain restore your energy.


  • Spa Products

Nature way to beautiful..... Purity is our secret ingredient.
Our secret is in pure natural ingredient. We believe in forces of nature, then each content of Taman Air Spa product is using pure natural product that suitable for any skin types - no-animal content, no-artificial colors, no-paraffin, no-petrolium oil and alkaline free.


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